Your General Responsibilities

All insurance companies have their own conditions that would impose certain requirements to their polices. Failure to meet these requirements could cause problems in the event of a claim and in some instances invalidate a claim all together.  We urge you to thoroughly check all documentation at quote stage and when cover is held to ensure all details are correct, meet with your requirements and that endorsements imposed on the policy can be adhered to.

It is the responsibility of any venue open to the public or employing staff that health and safety is paramount.  Please ensure that all relevant risk assessments and COSH assessments are up to date.

We have comprised a basic responsibility list to assist in the first steps of claim notification:-

  • Any incident must be reported to us and / or the Insurers immediately;
  • Take photographs where possible;
  • You must ensure that you take all reasonable steps to minimise any losses;
  • Advise any authorities where appropriate;
  • Co-operate with both ourselves and the insurers at all times to ensure any investigations or queries can be completed swiftly;
  • Supply supporting documentation by return when requested;
  • Act in good faith at all times;
  • Where damage to another person is involved (ie Liability Claims or Motor Incidents), never admit liability to anyone and refer any correspondence received directly to us or your insurers as soon as possible unanswered. Correspondence can be e-mailed to us for an URGENT response, such as court action, however admitting liability prior to insurers receiving notification could also invalidate any claim.

It is also your duty to notify us or your insurers of any incident event when a claim may not immediately arise such as when a customer or employee has an accident at  your premises. You should also ensure that you or a member of staff note your accident book accordingly, with name and address details if possible as many claims may come to light several years after the incident occurs.