About Terry Osborne Insurance Services Limited

Terry Osborne began his insurance journey in 1967 collecting weekly life insurance premiums door to door for local clients.  He soon realised that his customers required more than his current employer could offer.  They needed household, car insurance and cover for their small businesses hence he began to look around for alternatives …. a budding insurance broker.

As things began to grow he set up an office in the back garden of his home.  His wife became his secretary, ensuring that no overhead costs were passed to his customers.  As his reputation grew, so did his client base and office space, yet Terry still retained his family values ensuring that the customer came first.

Terry Osborne Insurance Services became an independent brokerage, established in 1982, eventually taking on experienced customer focused employees along with his daughter Vanessa, to become a Limited company on 25th March 2008.  It continues to this day to offer the same friendly service with family values at its core.

We provide a wide range of commercial insurance policies specialising in pub and restaurant insurance, helping the hospitality trade with their bespoke insurance requirements.

Our job is to identify your needs and assist you in finding the most appropriate policy for you at a price to suit your budget.  To us, you are an individual and not a policy number with the majority of our clients returning to us year on year for peace of mind and a familiar voice.

Whether you require a standard policy package or a bespoke commercial policy unique to your business we have a range of competitive insurers on our panel to offer you the best deal.

We are fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and we aim to provide a wide range of products from a variety of insurers to ensure that all enquiries can be placed.

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